• Fondriest TF1 1.4 Frameset

    TF1 1.4 is the second frame of our Pro line. This high-tech novelty in the 2015 Fondriest Collection builds on the TFZero platform with classic lines and improved aerodynamic properties. Paired with high-end components, TF1 1.4 is perfect for racing. It maintains the Pro features of TFZero with added comfort, yet at tensile strength of 40 tons of unidirectional Toray carbon, combined with the hand-bonded construction system, TF1 1.4 is a rigid frame with responsiveness and lightness unmatched by anyone on the market.

    It is not a coincidence that TF1 1.4 was a weapon of choice for our super-man Nico Valsesia who rode it to 3rd place at RAAM in 2014.

    Custom made in Italy to please cycling connoisseurs.


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  • Torpado Citi1 8 speed

    Ride in style with this fast and maneuverable urban bike.

    Citi1 has 8 Shimano gears that gives the luxury of great shifting performance, ideal in the city traffic or any road condition.


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  • Torpado Citi3 24 speed

    Ride in style with this fast urban city bike.

    Citi3 with its 24 Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes gives you the luxury of superior shifting performance and confident, safe braking.

    An ideal bike for urban environment but equally capable out in the country to enjoy a relaxed ride.


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  • Torpado Citi5 27 speed

    We built Torpado Citi5 for the urban rider who wants an agile bike tough enough to handle commuting duties like a reliable workhorse.

    To get you around a concrete jungle with ease, we shortened the Citi5’s wheelbase, raised the cockpit, and relaxed the head tube’s angle with the aim to create a comfortable, upright position you can see far ahead from. At its heart, Citi5 is about safety and comfort.

    Let’s dive into some engineering for a bit. Whoever invented the hydroforming technique to shape alloy tubes was an ingenious chap, that’s for sure. The process allows frame designers to vary each tube’s shape and thickness to reduce weight and, at the same time, match the frame’s purpose with an appropriate tube design. Add more material where it’s needed and shed it where a thin wall will work fine, bend a tube to increase its strength or reduce stress, experiment, try different things — that’s the idea. With hydroforming, a frame designer has a lot of options to play with and we took advantage of this technique to design our Citi5. The result is a versatile platform engineered to take care of your daily travel on two wheels without a fuss.

    To keep you moving, Citi5 features one of the unsung heroes of mountain biking componentry — the Shimano Deore drivetrain. Deore is known for its right balance of performance, reliability, and value for money. Over the years the groupset has been refined and tweaked taking advantage of the trickle-down features from the Shimano’s high-end components. Citi5 gives you a range of 27 speeds linking a triple chainring (48T x 38T x 28T) at the front to an 11-34T 9-speed Deore cassette at the rear. The range of gear combinations will allow you to climb the steepest hills in your area or find the right high gear to whip the speed up when you need to.

    Speed is great, we all like to go fast and this is why you need a pair of dependable brakes. We bolted two Shimano hydraulic disc brakes paired to 160 mm rotors to give you all the stopping power you need in any weather conditions with sensitive modulation at your fingers. Focus on the road and what’s around you, not on how much pressure you need to apply to your brakes in an emergency. As we said, safety in a comfy package had been our aim with the Citi5.

    Speaking of safety, on the Citi5 you’ll be cruising on Kenda Multi Surface 35 mm tyres with generous tread rubber and deep water grooves to ensure your tyres will last longer, stick to the pavement in the wet, and save you from punctures as much as possible. The 35 mm width is wide enough to soften your ride and keep your bike glued to the road.

    While we’re on the wheels topic, let us mention the Citi5’s hand-built hoops on double-wall rims laced with stainless spokes to a pair of sealed bearing, durable hubs to give you a wheelset that’s going to survive urban riding abuse and never complain about anything.

    All and all, the Citi5 is an urban commuter thoughtfully built for safe, comfortable riding with features designed to meet any challenges commuting might throw at you. Choose this elegant bike with confidence it was made for you by people who ride bikes every day themselves.


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  • Torpado Donna 6 speed

    Enjoy this luxury retro bike on your way to the market. We can fit the Donna with a cane basket and rear carrier for your groceries or a beach towel with picnic snacks.

    With Shimano 6 speeds at the rear, gives you every gear your require for day to day riding.

    Built with the new Esperia technology to ensure top comfort and long life, Donna is the perfect 700C everyday bike.


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  • Torpado Venice 7 speed

    Esperia Venice 7 with its 7 gears is a great simple bike to ride and enjoy. The low step frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The sturdy alloy frame will give this bike a long life and it’s not too heavy to move around.

    The Venice 7 frame is equipped with Shimano 7-speed gearing and 700c wheels, offering you a great quality bicycle to use for years to come.

    The Venice 7 is also supplied with a basket to make this great bike even more usable for getting around and enjoying yourself.


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  • Torpado Como Single Speed

    The design of the Esperia Como frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike. The Como frame is made from alloy for light weight and corrosion resistance.

    The Como is simple to ride and maintain as it is a single-speed bike.

    With great colours and a cute basket the Esperia Como is ready to hit the path or beachfront with style and ease.


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  • Torpado Como 7 speed

    The design of the Esperia Como 7 frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike — it’s a comfortable and relaxed to ride.

    The Como 7 frame is made from alloy for light weight and corrosion resistance. The bike has 7 speeds to make riding a pleasure with the ability to cruise along at your own pace.

    With a lovely colour and a basket, the Esperia Como 7 is ready to hit the path or beachfront with style and comfort.


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  • Fat Shark


    $329.00 $263.00

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  • Big Boy 20


    $479.00 $383.00

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  • Big Boy 24


    $509.00 $407.00

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