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Fondriest TFZero

Top Dog Cycling

Although Nikolai from Top Dog Cycling admits he’s “a sucker for Italian bikes”, TFZero still left a lasting impression on him. He says he couldn’t get enough of climbing and especially descending on the bike — it felt that good riding it.

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Stuart Kerton summed his experience riding Fondriest TFZero like this: It’s a bold statement but, I reckon the TFZero is the current benchmark for top end carbon race frames.

Bold indeed.

He also noted, “It’s the hills where the Fondriest really shines, as you’d expect with an all up weight of just 6.56kg (14.4lbs) sans pedals … Climbing feels effortless …  but it’s coming down the other side though that the fun begins … the Fondriest’s steering was an absolute dream loading up perfectly as you shift your weight to clip one apex before banking over to clip the next.”

And then he added this: So, have Fondriest managed to achieve the holy grail of bike design – light, stiff and comfortable? In a word, yes.

Climbing and descending — again — are the highlights of this rider’s experience riding the TFZero.

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